Industry Services

Manufacture sector

Indonesian government has provided massive support for oversea employment. The expansion can be

translated to a wider opportunity for workers from Indonesia to enter large-scale industries abroad.

Manufacturing sector are in need of large production capacity that requires trainable workforce in a

relatively huge amount to operate the equipments and meet the market demand as well as maintaining

production quality. Therefore, skillful workers are often prioritized in order to create an efficient and

effective working environment.

For eight years, Permata Sukses Abadi has placed thousands of workers in various industrial sectors

throughout Asia Pacific, especially to Taiwan. With the improved quality of Indonesia’s human

resources, these individuals have the comparable capabilities to those from other developing countries.

Our service in heavy industry workforce strives to provide even wider opportunities for them by

preparing workers to work overseas and to other continents as well. Let us help you find the potential

human resources and save your time by handling the recruitment procedures.

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