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Health Sector

The health sector is included in seven competency-based education programs that are intensified by the government. Health is a specified sector that requires knowledge and competence before one could go into the field and serve the community.

In Indonesia, the government promises that medical personnel must be at least Diploma III by 2020. This is due to the importance in emphasizing the study on competence and qualification so they may be able to compete in an international scene. This enables Indonesian workforces to meet international quality and standard.

The right professionals will help maximize your business potentials to reach your goals. As the education quality is getting better, our health workers can support your business health services through the skills they have already possess without having to spend more time to train them.In the non-medical sector, Permata Sukses Abadi has sent thousands of nurses (caregivers)to Asia Pacific regions – serving professional home care services to the elderly. The typical services will enable other family members to remain active in their daily routine while patients are well-taken care of.Health services, in both, formal and informal sectors, are extremely important in modern countries. And quality human resources is a form of investment. Consult your business needs to Permata Sukses Abadi 


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