Industry Services

Domestic Sector

Over the past few years, the demand of workers in household services is increasing. In modern countries, domestic workers have a significant role in helping every home doing household errands such as cooking, laundry, grocery-shopping, and cleaning.

Permata Sukses Abadi as a recruitment company provides experienced domestic workers for your household needs. Not only that these individuals are well-trained, we support their vocational education so that they can be compatible for all types of domestic works.

Helpers are widely sought especially in urban areas where most of the people are working from 9 to 5. Jobs like care giver for the elderly, baby sitter, cleaning and housekeeping, are some of the professions available in the domestic sector.

As part of our commitment in providing quality labor force, Permata Sukses Abadi prepares a Training Center to facilitate prospective workers with necessary trainings and practices. Our fully-equipped training facilities and infrastructures are equipped with advanced technology, as well as dedicated trainers to ensure that all participants can benefit it. And to overcome language barrier, our domestic workers have to join language courses based on National Professional Certification Standard before they are placed elsewhere

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