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Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is a vital economic growth wheel for Indonesia. The country is actively developing the agricultural sector through various ways, one of which is, to improve the quality of its human resources. A good evidence of the government’s support is the existence of bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Holland in agricultural vocational development sector through post-secondary schools.

The government realizes that the potentials in farming and agriculture must continue to be explored by increasing its human resources competencies as well so as to produce skilled professionals in the sector. Other supportive act includes tax cut for companies who contribute to vocational education – where individuals will learn specific skills and be able to work in various jobs according to their specialties.

The careers in agriculture itself require a lot of field work and skills. This creates abundant employment opportunities, especially in cattle farms, milk production, slaughterhouses, fruit gardens and fields.Permata Sukses Abadi will save you time looking for a competent workforce because we select your prospective workers before you recruit. 

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