Why Indonesia ?

Why Indonesia ?

Indonesia has been known as one of the countries to send the most migrant workers overseas. The fact that these migrant workers contribute a potential amount to Indonesia’s foreign exchange income is a proof of their quality and working ethics.

As a multicultural country, our human resources are adapted to cultural differences. From an early age, we are taught to be part of a community that consists of different ethnicities and religions. Thus, diversity has been part of our daily life – making Indonesians highly respect the value of tolerance and teamwork. From the friendly smile to the polite manner – these are the defining characteristics of Indonesians that are easy to notice.

Indonesians working abroad mostly left their family at home to pursue a better paid job with the hope to send some of their earnings to those they’ve left behind. Responsibility and hardwork are a part of their mentality to pursue a career.

According to statistics, Indonesia’s state and private university graduates reached approximately 690,793 students in 2017. This could translate to more qualifying resources ready to be placed in various occupational sectors inside and outside the country.

Working abroad might be seen as merely an experience or an income gain but the presence of Indonesian workers in other countries who have qualifying backgrounds and abilities certainly is something to be proud of.

The government of Indonesia has been fully supportive by implementing programs to improve our human resource qualities through trainings and more. This is to cater the demand of an unparalleled workmanship in various sectors. 

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