How to recruit Indonesian?

How to recruit Indonesian?

Recruitment Papers
An employer who has manpower requirement must submit the following recruitment documents to the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate:
1. Special Power of Attorney or Service/Recruitment Agreement.
2. Master Employment Contract with the minimum contract provision.
3. Demand Letter.

In the selection of all categories of manpower for foreign employment, We will ensure that the personnel selected have: Good character and antecedents. Satisfactory health and medical fitness for the job assigned. Necessary training and competence to perform the jobs for which selected. For this purpose trade testing conducted under the supervision of our Technical division.
In the recruiting staff which not available on our pool, we will do advertising, headhunting and seminar.

Screening / Job Interview
Our screening procedures are thorough, efficient and very effective. Recruitng staff often raises challenges as we've often done in large numbers and we have learned from our extensive experiences. Every applicant will go through an interview and selection procedure and reference checks and skills testing if and when possible. Each applicant is presented to the client with confidence which allows us to offer guarantees.

Medical Checks
Successful Candidates will go to medical checks at an authrorized medical center by the embassy where the visa will be applied for. Selection of workers on the basis of Qualification Standard (QS) is subject to the result of medical examination conducted by duly accredited medical clinic or hospital. We will ensure that selected applicants undergo basic medical examination which shall include chest x-ray, blood pressure, EENT check-up, urinalysis, complete blood count (CBC), stool test and psychological test as well as other medical tests like HIV-test as specified under Employer-defined medical protocol.

Contract Signature/ Documentation Process/ Visa Application
The Employer shall employ the selected workers under an Employment Contract (EC), mutually agreed upon between the Employer and the worker. Once the contract is signed, we will process the documentation related to the government & immigration requirements and visa application at embassy that visa will be applied to within 10 days.

Final Departure  Briefing
We will provide Final Departure Briefing to selected workers for which a certificate shall be issued. The briefing shall equip selected workers with basic understanding of the employment contract, information on host country profile and orientation on necessary values and attitudes for effective employment abroad.

We will immediately upon receiving of airline ticket or prepaid ticket advice for the booking of flights and/or departure advice to the workers.

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