How do We get the right talent for You

How do We get the right talent for You

Recruitment process

We use three steps to recruit potential candidates

  • Recruitment on the spot

We have a team of recruiters across Java and Sumatera. In every office branch, our marketing personnel would approach candidate door to door offering the perks and opportunities when working oversea which could benefit for their better future.

  • Promotional tools 

We share information through various mediums, including on the internet. We are fully aware that social media is an effective tool to reach more people especially in Indonesia there are 175million internet user which is 60% from total population of the country. Our marketing team regularly update our social media content for online recruitment purposes based on the qualification.

  • Work and school training institutions;

Permata Sukses Abadi works with hundreds of Job Training Institutions that open the opportunity to recruit skillful workforce. By recruiting through these institutions, we ensure that every worker is certified and equipped with necessary skills in line with the job qualifications, thus, enabling them to work according to their expertise.

Selecting candidates

Our human resource team selects the candidates based on the market needs. The recruitment of each worker is based on the skills and the clients demand, and for specified skill worker we can conduct a skill test accordant to client standart request. Once we select a few qualified candidates, we will give their profiles to the clients for evaluation.

Interviewing the candidates

Interview methods that can be tailored to the employer's request. Interview sessions can be conducted face-to-face, via telephone, teleconference and scheduled interviews with other applicants at the Permata Sukses Abadi head office or other location according to agreement.

After the placement of overseas workers is complete, Permata Sukses Abadi continues to monitor and communicate with the workers to avoid any issue that may arise during the period of work. We also provide counseling sessions for workers if needed. This is done in accordance with our commitment in providing professional services for all parties involved.

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