Why Work Abroad ?

Why Work Abroad ?

Being in a complete new place and a tempting salary offer can make anyone want to work abroad. However, safety and comfort should be our first priority. That's why, working abroad legally is highly recommended to minimize the risks that can harm you.

Here are the advantages of working abroad legally that you need to know

1. Various employment opportunities

Starting from health, mining to agriculture sector - there are many promising job opportunities and are suitable with the education you've taken. In addition, the opportunity to get a job will be higher if you pass through the procedure legally.

2. Protected by the government

As a legal worker abroad, your safety is guaranteed by the government. In case of unwanted things happen, you can also report directly to the Embassy in the place you work. Clear bureaucracy provides transparency and convenience for those of you who work and earn income, without illegal fees.

3. Good facilities

By working abroad legally, you can get the facilities that are parts of the work you take. Some jobs provide various conveniences, from the amount of leave you can take, until providing work protection through insurance. Of course, all of those conveniences cannot be obtained if you work illegally in a foreign country. Besides that, you also have the freedom to walk everywhere without worrying about being deported.

4. Expanding international relations

By working abroad legally, your opportunity to develop yourself will be open wide. In addition to the increased networking, you can also explore local culture and have access to programs or courses that suit your interests. You can use this opportunity to improve your quality, especially for your career.

5. Enhance the quality of your resume

With an appealing resume, you will be sought by the job hunters who offer job vacancies according to your field. When you are going to have a career maneuver, you already have an experience and a portfolio that is worth considering by your prospective recruiters.

Besides skills and mentality, complete document is an important factor so you can be accepted to work abroad. Consult the needs that you need to prepare (documents and fees) with a trusted distributor agent so that no information is missed.

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