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Indonesia is the country with the quality of human resources equally competing with other countries in the world. Indonesia gives birth to prominent university graduates every year, which leads to promising resources capable to work in various occupational sectors.

Permata Sukses Abadi is fully aware of this opportunity, and we offer a bridge to connect Indonesians who want to pursue a better career path to the best jobs available overseas. We’d like to bringing into light our human resources capability. Established in 6 July 2010, Permata Sukses Abadi was founded by three sisters who have a long experience as consultants and agency roles. Our vision is to provide opportunities for Indonesians to live their dreams working abroad.

Through comprehensive training programs, we select the best candidates and ensure their competence meet qualification in various industries of any given sector. Our years of experience helps us to understand how equip them with the hard-working attitude and competencies so they may strive in their career. This is especially important as the global job market is getting more competitive each time.

For the last eight years, Permata Sukses Abadi has placed thousands of Indonesian workers throughout Asia Pacific. Together with creative, enthusiastic and passionate young people in our team, Permata Sukses Abadi hopes to continue to support our human resources while always on the look to global trend.

As a part of our expansion mission, our company has explored the possibilities of sending workers to other continents. This step is expected to be a solution to the insufficient job opportunities as well as helping companies in various sectors to find prospective staffed in accordance with the desired criteria.

Permata Sukses Abadi uses professional recruitment procedures in job placement according to the law of Indonesia and the destination country. It’s an honor for us to earn your trust.

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